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Charlie Doll


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Meet Charlie Doll, an active member of the Salt Lake City Leather community. They proudly hold the title of Rocky Mountain Person of Leather for 2022-2024 and work as a sex worker. Charlie is passionate about fostering inclusive spaces, founding Bimbos of Utah and designing pride flags for Bimbo and genderqueer boys and girls of Leather. They also run Utah Leaf and Leather and are affiliated with groups like PLAID and the BDSM Educational Center. Charlie owns and operates the Utah Doll House, a Leather space and Dungeon, and shares their expertise as a sex and BDSM educator using the hashtag #HornyForHelping.

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Join us to close out THRIVE with some gratitude and a keynote speech by the one and only, Charlie Doll!

Who will be presenting:

Neurodivergence and Power Exchange s-Type Panel

Class Description

Join us as we ask our s-type panelists about their experiences in dynamics with neurodivergence! 

Who will be presenting:

Trauma Informed Ageplay

Class Description

This class will take an depth look at common stereotypes about ageplay, and the way that we perceive ageplayers in our community. We will be discussing how being aware of ones own trauma and the trauma and others can elevate our ageplay and the way we interact with ageplayers.