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Nikki A. glaze (she/her/femme), a Black, Queer-Femme, has been active within BDSM/Kink communities since 2012. From 2015-2018, glaze created, organized and led an online social community (Black Kink) to nationally connect Black/POC identified practitioners and host a number of munches and play parties in the NorthEast. From 2021-2023, using the social media Clubhouse app platform, glaze founded the club ‘WIITWD,’ coined the concept of ‘The Kinky Clubhouse Network,’ and co-founded ‘Snap, Crackle, and Pop-Up Kink’ to create, organize, and lead, a number of edu-taining alternative lifestyle-focused workshops and panels. Identifying on the "right side of the slash", glaze traverses the slash providing education in both directions and fostering “same-side-slash” and “cross-slash” conversations for understanding and connection. her most notable workshops include “Auditing wiitYd”, “BDSM/Kink in Animated Media”, and “The Ego of the slayv”. she also incorporates Human Design and Trauma-Informed Awareness into BDSM/Kink. glaze is a National Certified Mental Health Counselor (NCC), a skilled Behavioral Health Counselor, and is currently working on certification in Substance Abuse/Addictions Counseling (CADC II). her work is focused on alternative lifestyles/cultural practices, historically excluded communities, human sexuality/sexual wellness, the substance misuse population, and spiritual inclusion/atypical spiritual practices. Since 2007, glaze has been featured in a number of speaking engagements including NPR, The MSG Network, the Clubhouse app, and in higher education publication. glaze is currently an Educator with The Divine Kink Academy, an Atlanta-based educational platform designed and implemented by Xir Divine Rae and His Muse GodIs Meaux, to provide communion, guidance, and protected educational space for submissive and slayv identified beings.


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Who will be presenting:

Mental Mastery: slayvhood As A Gateway to Spiritual Affirmation

Class Description

Much discussion is lent to the topic of submission, yet where do the nuances of slayvhood surface in those discussions? In this workshop, participants will gain an understanding of the slayv mindset and orientation, how M/s can perpetuate and embody transcendent and ritualistic spiritual connections, and the potential effects on the mental health functioning of slayv-identified beings, with an inclusive focus on sociocultural identity.