Pronouns: it/they
25 Years Old
United States, Illinois, Chicago

Thrive Virtual Conference Bio:

Magic (they/it) is a queer, disabled, neurodivergent leather slave. They’ve had a passion for the community since they first joined nearly 7 years ago. A passion so strong that it even found its way into their studies. Magic completed their undergraduate program having written a thesis on the leather community in France and continues to study leather history in their graduate program.

Their passion for leather has shaped itself into providing education and service for the community. Over the past several years they have volunteered for various venues and events, virtual and not. Today they live in Chicago, the city its family calls home.

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I identify as:

  • slave
  • Pup
  • 24/7

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Fet: magic_of_service

Twitter: @magicofservice

Tik Tok: magicofservice

Instagram: @carterswane

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