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Creating a Service Dossier

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Class Description

Creating a Service Dossier is a class for those who serve multiple entities, people outside their own home, as well as events and organizations.

Service: “my ability, willingness, and eagerness to perform a task, or series of tasks, to the exact extent in which the person receiving the service needs or wants. These tasks are offered to provide ease, convenience, beauty, and pleasure.”- blueberry

Dossier: a collection of documents about a particular person, event, or subject.

In order to take on multiple service-based relationships, organization is key. Having all your service based notes, references, and information in one place is sure to keep you focused on providing consistent and confident service.

This is not a Butler Book class! This is a class focused on how to coordinate and document all your service-based endeavors.





Presenter Bio

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, blueberry brings to the table a litany of intersectionality as a pansexual, queer, abuse surviving, poverty surviving, neurodivergent, polyamorous, recovering Christian, Woman of Color. Embodying resiliency is a whole mood. blueberry is proud to bring their share to the table, while simultaneously being the table itself. In the BDSM world blueberry is a service oriented being, providing a wide range of services including: cigar/ash tray, bootblacking and leather care, latex care, culinary, domestic and cleaning, and spa services. blueberry enjoys strict bondage, heavy impact, extreme S&M, degradation, dehunamization, and subjugation as much as possible - but only with those deemed trustworthy of such. 

In the public world, blueberry has a demanding, but fufulling career. In their free time they enjoy lamenting about the world around them, being a hopeless femme, cuddling with their adorable dog, and generally avoiding the public and sunlight as much as possible. Far from a sunshiney disposition, blueberry tends to find beauty in darkness and death and value in healing through destruction - think Kali Maa, but less terrifying. blueberry is a Pagan, a witch, an energy practioner, and worshiper of Serpent Goddesses; Drawing strength from the likes of Meretserger, Melusine, and Medusa.

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