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In this class, we’ll cover how to work service in throughout the day, week, month, and more—ideas for services that can be offered, how to tie them to pre-existing points in your routine, how to keep that task list organized, recommended schedules for recurring service tasks, some items for your service toolkit, and some tips and tricks. I’ll also share resources I created with more detailed instructions for a few common tasks. We’ll wrap up with a brief Q+A session.





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HannahTheScribe is a 24/7 high protocol service slave/housewife and lifestyle masochist to her Mistress/wife. They are monogamous, practice irrevocable consent, and enjoy anticipatory service. Hannah is fulfilled by aiming to be useful and pleasing, having a structured, ascetic lifestyle, living the art found in suffering for another, and growing through being owned. She is the author of many projects, teaches and more via SlaveClass, primarily on day to day service and protocol, and organizes Las Vegas TNG, a group centered on community building and growth.


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