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Discovering Disabled Deviance

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Join Mx. Dizzy in a thought-provoking class that explores the intersection of disability and the kink community. This transformative session encourages participants to discover their own disabled deviance within the realm of kink. Learn how kink can empower individuals with disabilities through its customizable and adaptable nature. From pain management to social engagement; from confidence building to sensory exploration, kink offers unique avenues for autonomy. This class is a valuable resource for understanding disability and its relationship with kink, benefiting individuals with disabilities, their loved ones, and community leaders striving for inclusivity. Drawing from their personal journey since 2015, Mx. Dizzy brings firsthand experience and knowledge to enrich the learning process. Gain insights and practical strategies to create a more supportive and inclusive environment. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from an empowering advocate for individuals with disabilities in the exploration of kink.





Presenter Bio

Mx Dizzy, also known as EmDizzy (they/them) has been sharing their growing knowledge and experience with the world since August 2021 as a founder, producer, and host of The Kinky Tavern Podcast. Mx Dizzy is a gender nonconforming, femme-presenting, pansexual, relationship-anarchist and demisexual Princexx. Their journey in the kink realm began in 2015, initially exploring as a submissive and pain-slut. Over time, they have delved into various roles and positions, ultimately finding their truest self in the role of Princexx, which in their case, they define as “a Dominant little who gets what they want.” Em has gained personal experience navigating the “community” as a neurodivergent human managing several chronic illnesses and mental health conditions. Mx Dizzy’s passion for leather, BDSM, kink, sexuality, and accessibility knows no bounds. Mx Dizzy's overarching objective within the “community” is to promote education, normalization, and the creation of a safe and inclusive space for all individuals. Their dedication to these principles is evident in their efforts to support and uplift the community as a whole.


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