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Self Care: You Come First

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Self-Care is not selfish, but rather an act of love towards yourself. In this class we will be discussing ways to recognize when, where, and how you need self-care. Working on yourself not only nourishes you, but it can feed every aspect of your life. This discussion-based class is for all whether you are a top, bottom, switch, or somewhere in-between.

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Bri Burning

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Bri Burning (she/her and they/them) is your International Person of Leather 2020 and Northwest Person of Leather 2019! Bri is a leather little, genderqueer femme, proud Indigenous Mexican, s-type, and Ma’am to one. They have been active in the SF/Bay Area kink and Leather community since 2010 and started their journey as a presenter in 2015 at the SF Citadel and Dark Odyssey Surrender. They served as the moderator of the SF Submissive Safe Space, a leader of the Submissive Girls Night Out group, and a member of the SF girls of Leather. Her passion in kink and leather education continuously grows in topics such as self-care, power exchange, age play, and service—which she spreads like glitter!

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