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BDSM & Sexual Mindfulness

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BDSM & Sexual Mindfulness will be explored for both general consensual play and potentially as a trauma-informed healing modality.  The teaching will implement contemporary bio-medical sexual mindfulness techniques descended from Brahman teachings of integrating emotions and body in the present moment.  Kink toys will be discussed as prosthetic extensions of energy, touch, and intention.


Sexual Mindfulness can help practitioners and clients incrementally unpack traumas experienced directly or vicariously in a holistic somatic process for potential integration and ownership of one’s sensual / sexual self.  Recent clinically tested scientific research of stress response and sexual dysfunction demonstrates that Mindfulness has vast application in the field of counseling human sexuality.


Sexual Mindfulness can help practitioners and clients blaze a path toward holistic health compassionate to bio-individuality and the nature of emotional trauma, desire and capacity fluctuations.  The Sexual Mindfulness techniques presented can be easily practiced by the individual participant or taught to others for solo and/or partnered exploring to discover uncharted pleasure in each unfolding moment.




(Gender Punk)

Presenter Bio

Fredrick’s sexuality education work has focused upon erotically marginalized communities, partnerships, and individuals since 2006 by "Teaching the Art within Sexual Acts" in private lessons, semi-public and private events, and workshops in Oregon, Washington, California, British Columbia, and via Zoom worldwide.  They teach mindfulness, ritual, communication, consent, sexual attitudes reassessment, tantra, kink, and other embodied erotic pathways with an ever broadening understanding of power differentials, socio-political impacts over the centuries, and ways to truly dismantle what they feel in their blood and bones to be a corrupt and flawed acculturalized system.  When not teaching or doing sexuality research; Fredrick endeavors to focus life around what they love, which is the arts, getting outside for adventures with the pup, sharing quality time and food with friends, practicing Chado (茶道 Japanese Tea Ritual), and movement such as yoga and dance.

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