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Come Join us to open up the space before our evening service panel with Sir Guy and MalikaSG doing an Encore of their collaborative Opening Speech from last year! It was so thought provoking and inspiring we had to ask them back to get to hear it again!





Presenter Bio

MalikaSG(She/Her) is a Primal Leatherwoman and switch who has been in the lifestyle privately for over a decade and publicly for two.She is in service to Sir Guy and The House of the Black Panther, a Leather household committed to volunteerism, education, support, and history, particularly for People of Color in the lifestyle.  She is a member and co-admin of The Dark Lair-a lifestyle support & education group for people of Color, founded by Sir Guy. Malika is also a member of The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) and Anomaly Arkansas, where she as a staff member she helped organize and participated in FROST 2020, as well as co-organizer and moderator of the POC Kink Perspective panel in February of this year. MalikaSG also volunteered for Anomaly Arkansas’s Cirque Du Earth, MsC Worldwide2021, and organized and hosted the discussion panel "Kink by the Pound: Making Space for Bigger Bodies in the Lifestyle," presented at The Gathering NW 2021: A Community United.



Presenter Bio

Sir Guy (pronouns: he/him) is a Dominant Leatherman and covered Master (as of MsC 2022) who has lived in authority-based relationships and is Head of Household of the House of the Black Panther which is a Leather Household which like himself, is committed to the education and support of the greater Leather community but particularly of People of the Global Majority. He has been publicly active in the lifestyle for close to 20 years, though privately active for decades.

He is an Emeritus Board Member of The Eulenspiegel Society (TES), Founder of The Dark Lair: BDSM Support and Education for People of Color,  Director of POC Leather History for the Atlantic Leather Families Alliance (ALFA), an Associate Member of the Dyke Uniform Corps and of ONYX Southeast.. With his then partner, he earned the International Power Exchange 2013 title and New York Metro Power Exchange 2012 titles.  He served as the head judge of the Western Canada Power Exchange Contest in 2014.  He is a former Director and facilitator of MAsT Metro New York.  He is on the Education Committee for the Master slave Conference (MsC).

​He has presented for over 90 organizations and conferences, delivered the Our Traditions Live speech at the Master/slave Conference (MsC) 2015, the keynote addresses at Beyond Leather 2014, the  Southeast Leather Fest (SELF) 2017,  the 1st anniversary of Latinos in Leather in 2021 and endnote at second anniversary of Latinos in Leather in 2022 as well as and the keynote at the 2021 "Uprise!" conference and the Leather Leadership Conference 2021.  

Among his awards are winner of the 2005 TES Dominant Men/submissive women's Literary Contest, recipient of the 2014 Beyond Leather Community Achievement Award, the 2020 MAsT International Members Choice Presenter of the Year Award, 2021 first annual Sir Leon Strange Memorial Award by the Leather Solidarity Collective, shared with icon Mama Vi Johnson and the 2022 TES inaugural Founders Award  He was nominated for the 2015 Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year award among others. He is the author of a uniform themed erotica collection featuring People of Color and contributing author to the MTTA, Inc. anthology Our Lives, Our History: Consensual Master/slave Relationships from Ancient Times to the 21st Century, as well as  a contributing author to Raven Kaldera's book, Mastering the Art of Mastery.  Interviews with Sir Guy also appear in Dr. Gloria Brame’s, A Different Loving Too.  He has appeared on WWRL 1600 AM radio several times on lifestyle discussions.  He has also been a panelist regarding many lifestyle issues, particularly surrounding race and racism within the lifestyle.  He also has presented numerous times on Leather history from the perspective of the People of the Global Majority (People of Color).  His concern for the education, support and mentoring of his communities are of great importance to him and are reflected in his household motto, “Honor, Heritage, History, Humility” and in the missive of his mentors, Mama Vi Johnson and Lady D Harrison, “Each one teach one!”.

A uniform enthusiast, he is also a former NYC police officer and NY State certified Emergency Medical Technician, and participated in rescue efforts at Ground Zero in NYC on 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

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