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How Anti-Fat Bias Shows Up In Kink

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The world we live in and move through is extremely hostile to large bodies, and those attitudes can show up in kink spaces as well. Join a moderated open discussion about what anti-fat bias may look like in sex and kink-positive spaces, how we can navigate those spaces and make them more comfortable and affirming, ways that we can find support and understanding, and more. You are invited to share your experiences and stories in a space focused on affirmation and validation. People of all body sizes and shapes welcome, although this is a place to listen to the lived experience of our community members in larger bodies (the moderator will be available after the discussion to provide answers to questions that may be raised by folks who want to work on being better allies).



AJ Renard


Presenter Bio

AJ Renard (she/her) has been involved in the BDSM world her entire adult life, although she was a dark little thing far before that. AJ is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and has a deep passion for teaching about the intersection of BDSM and mental health. She finds her happy place when there is rope, electricity, knives, boots, fear, and a lot of crying involved. In her limited free time she makes custom chainmaille for her shop, Foxy Feisty Redhead.

AJ teaches a variety of classes about consent, negotiations, perspectives on D/s, bottoming for intense scenes and edgeplay, mental health and BDSM, and behavioral science in PE dynamics. Additionally she often teaches about BDSM in non-kink spaces, hoping to de-stigmatize kink for therapists and medical professionals. She also loves demo bottoming for Violet Wand demos, and things that make her shy in front of groups of people.


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