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Distracted Service: How to Work With ADHD as A service submissive

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The first thing people think of with ADHD is often “oh squirrel!” jokes. However it is more than simply being easily distracted. ADHD affects one's ability to organize, recall information, and even start tasks. This can make everyday life, let alone providing service, increasingly difficult. 
This class will discuss how common difficulties affect learning and providing service and how to best work around it.


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Presenter Bio

magic is a queer leather slave with a passion for service and education. Their main topics of interest include service, history of the leather community, authority transfer, and neurodivergence and kink.
They first entered the community in May of 2015 and took a hiatus for their undergrad. Despite taking time away from the community their interest in kink continued, and even found its way into their studies.

With the completion of their undergrad and a newfound interest and passion for leather they dove back into the community in May of 2019. Since then they've proudly offered their services to their community on a regular basis.

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Devyn Stone


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