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Oppressed Intersectional Identities in Kink

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Welcome to a space where we will examine intersectionality, and the ways in which our collective unconscious and conscious biases oppress others.  This is a discussion where participation is encouraged, and where you are encouraged to take space as needed.

(Create deeper understanding of how we all contribute to the oppression of others and the unique ways the intersections of our identities can be invisible and therefore lead to further harm.)





Presenter Bio

Kero (pronoun agnostic) is an extroverted, creative, nonmonogamous, genderfluid pervert, from the Asian diaspora, who has been active in this scene long enough that some of their early experiences involved local BBSs.

They enjoy sharing their love of learning as well as their extensive knowledge of consent, risk, anatomy, power, neuro/physical/gender/racial diversity (and the ways it can be used to change your understanding of kink).  They’ve presented at Dark Odyssey’s Fusion and Camp Crucible. They are committed to naming and combating white supremacy, creating community, and enjoys using their knowledge for very specific kinds of evil.  Kero is also an activist, a trained massage therapist and a licensed social worker. 


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