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We would like to express our gratitude to the team that made The Thrive Virtual Conference possible!


Devyn Stone


Presenter Coordinator

Mxstress Rowen


Nyx Lunaea



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slave joy


Technical Support



Hello there,

My name is Master Marcus Cole. I have been in and out of the lifestyle for over 20 years, in the last several years I have begun to deepen and explore my relationship to my own dominance as a way of life and being that integrates who I truly am. Also, in the last several years the universe aligned the meeting of slave joy and that began our M/s journey. I collared my slave joy in October 2018 and we have been growing our 24/7 M/s with love, dedication to communication and lots of laughter sense.

For inspiring work, I am an independent professional photographer with a studio in Seattle. I am blessed to have two thriving photography businesses. My business Marcus Cole Photography focuses mainly on vanilla portraits, boudoir, landscape and street photography. Where my business Shadows in the Light is a celebration of everything kinky and Fetish possible. Whether you would like to get solo or couple portraits done with rope bondage personalized to flatter your frame or use numerous pieces of play furniture we have as props the variations are limitless. I also do group parties and events like collaring ceremonies.

As slave joy and I grow in our M/s journey we have been seeking to expand our community and have been enjoying going to M/s and Leather conferences across the country the last few years. More recently we have found our local MAsT chapters and look forward to being a part of them regularly. slave joy and I are both wired for and committed to a monogamous relationship but value the wide variety of people and relationships around us. We would greatly like to meet more open-minded kink accepting people to build friendships with where we can be ourselves as Master and slave while enjoying vanilla activities like board or card games, BBQ's, potlucks or any number of things.

Whether you are interested in a photo shoot or would like to get to know slave joy and I better feel free to send a friend request or message!

All the best Master Marcus.

All of you!